Our Mission

Magna will provide Quality Assured, Cost Effective and Timely Delivered, Ferrous Components, meeting small to medium volume requirements of customers, while striving to be the most environmental friendly foundry.

The above will be ensured by

  • A clear understanding of the requirements
  • Being the best-cost producer
  • Providing Quality Engineering and are housing Services
  • Being a green and clean foundry

The Business we are in

Magna is in the Business of Manufacturing and Supplying Ferrous Components in small and medium volumes to users worldwide.

Magna specializes in the manufacture of Ductile Iron and Gray Iron casting in the weight range of 300 grams to a maximum of 2000 Kilograms. Magna also adds value by heat treatment, surface treatments and machining so that the products are ready to assemble.

Magna also produces fully machined components, utilizing its in-house CNC machine shop and other facilities as well.

Magna has extensive experience in the supply of safety requirement components in the casting and fully machined forms. The components meet stringent requirements in terms of Radiographic Quality and Metallurgical Control.

Magna has established warehousing in the USA, this facility along with bi-weekly container shipments, allows us to cater to low volume requirements. Also our warehousing capability enables us to supply products just in time, to customers in the United States of America.

Magna proposes to establish similar facilities to provide the same to the European consumers in the year 2006.

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